Cider Vinegar

Unfiltered, raw and unpasteurised; with active “Mother” enzyme.

“…the most superior cider vinegar”      “Amazing Stuff”

vinegar500ml bottles with built in pourer

Described by Royal Cornwall Show judges as “Great taste, pleasing aroma and very smooth with the right balance of acidity…this is deserving of being a leader”, our apple cider vinegar has gone on to win GOLD in Taste of the West 2018! ToW gold

In 2015 we set aside a batch of cider to make into cider vinegar. The vat was left to quietly work away in it’s own time, not rushed, not forced, just it’s own natural process. In November 2017 we bottled our first batch to trial at Christmas markets and quickly sold out! As of January 2018 our cider vinegar is available in health food shops and delis in the area.labelling

We treat this vinegar carefully, hand-filling each bottle. With no added preservatives, our vinegar is exactly as nature intended – unfiltered, raw and unpasteurised so that it retains the active “Mother” element. This is the natural living enzyme which develops during the secondary fermentation when bacteria convert the cider alcohol to acetic acid. These strand-like protein molecules are harmless but can be filtered out if preferred.

Our cider vinegar is perfect for salad dressings and cooking but as well as recipes it would seem some people are also using it for their health.

“…fabulous stuff! I’ve finally found the thing that is capable of soothing my horrid irritated skin, use it every night to tone my face and my eczema is beyond improved 🙂 thank you so much!”

“I have recently been introduced to your cider vinegar. It is less acidic and more palatable than others I have tried. A tablespoon in cranberry juice each evening works great for my cholesterol diet.”


One thought on “Cider Vinegar

  1. Unbelievable natural remedy for nausea and gastric reflux… Worked within 5 mins…St Ives cider vinegar local honey and down the hatch👍🏼

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